10 May

Which Is Better: A Tuition Center Or Home Tutoring?

Home tutoring or homeschooling allows children to learn everything they need in order to achieve a high school diploma or high school education without going to a formal school. Home tutoring can also refer to a child getting tutorials on subjects he’s weak on while attending a regular school because the tutor also teaches him at home. Home tutoring is great in certain aspects but the tuition center like lessons.sg/tuition/ has its own appeal. A tuition center or Pusat Tuisyen is a private educational institution abundant in places like Singapore, Sri Lanka, India, Malaysia and The Middle East. It’s also known as bimbel or Bimbingan Belajar in Indonesia. It’s a learning center that’s not quite a school but is like a tutorial school.

Tuition Center versus Home Tutoring

  • Tuition Center: Your kid is still kind of at a school setting but this time he’s getting tutors and assistance in a special center to help them catch up with their regular schooling. Or they can get advanced topics and subjects not covered by their regular school yet in order to excel in the tests when push comes to shove. They can even get preparatory tutors for certain national aptitude tests or college entrance exams if they wish.
  • Home Tutoring: Home tutoring is more laser-focused, especially if it’s online tutoring. A regular tutor tailors his exams and curriculum in order to raise up the weak subjects of the student or get him advanced studies on all of the subjects so that he can pass exams with flying colors or even skip a grade or two. With online tutors, it’s the same but the schedule is more flexible and the learning materials are all virtual.
  • Which One Is Best? Each option has their own respective pros and cons. A tuition center is a learning center that’s like a fusion between going to school and getting a tutor. It’s like a center for extra credit or after-school summer classes because you’ve failed an exam. A tutor on the other hand is personalized for you or your kid’s needs, with the physical tutor more so than the computer or online tutor, but the latter is more convenient schedule-wise.