01 Apr

Is A HEPA Vacuum A Good Idea Even If You Don’t Have Allergies?

While it is a common perception that vacuuming is associated with carpets and rugs, in actual facts, it is the last among the many areas you need to vacuum. Vacuuming is your solution to take out all household dusts in surfaces to promote good health and general wellbeing of the family. But it is good to note that it can also alleviate the sufferings of whose members of the family that have allergies. The use of HEPA filter (high-efficiency particulate air) is a best starting point to prevent the dust from becoming airborne and will promote inhalation by members of the family. Those with allergens are the first to catch the effects and will suffer the most.

Vacuuming is not only for allergies only
Dust when it accumulates and becomes airborne will not just affect people with allergies; even those that are not experiencing allergic reactions to dust will still be affected by dust polluted air. It may not be as fast as those with allergies but it will still affect the respiratory health of everyone. With the use of the best hepa vacuum, its filter can trap the dust controlling this from getting airborne while cleaning the overall area. There are also dirt and bacterial growth that will also thrive in a dusty environment, so dust removal is not just for those with allergens but for the overall good health of everyone in your home. Dusting can be done through a microfiber dust cloth in areas where the vacuum cleaner cannot reach. Do not use the traditional feather duster as this cannot capture the dust but only stirs it on the air.
Final Thought
Dusting should be done regularly before it accumulates and becomes difficult to remove. It can even damage your furniture when these are unattended for longer period of time. Best to use allergy mask when doing the cleaning too.